Saturday, December 19, 2009

Second snowfall of the season.

And it is a "Doosy". We went to a party on the Eastern Shore last night. The forecast was for a heavy snowfall beginning between "11.0pm and 2.00am". The party was just over 50 miles from our home, so to be on the safe side we left the party to travel home at 10.00pm. At 10.02pm it started to snow! I kid you not! Traffic was more than I expected for that late but not too heavy, so we were able to keep up 50 to 55 mph most of the way. By the time we got close to home we were down to 30 mph but arrived safely at about 11.30pm.
This morning dawned white! Snow was about 8" deep already and the weather channel told us to expect an additional 8 to 12 inches by days end and another 4 to 6 inches by morning on Sunday. The total anticipated is 15 to 24 inches!
The cats asked to go out, but changed their minds when I opened the door for them! The chickens barged out as usual when I opened their little door, the snow flew as they fluttered around in the light fluffy white stuff, can you imagine what they thought as they went out into it? Within a couple of minutes they were back in their house.
It is coming up for 4.00 pm now and the little flakes continue to fall, we never did get any really big heavy flakes in this storm, just a steady, light to medium accumulation that seems to be about 18" deep now. I did some shovelling earlier to clear the steps and make access to the basement easier should we lose power and I needed to get the generator out.
Apart from that it has been a lazy day, I made a loaf of bread which turned out well. I am waiting now for a new trial - an Austrian Malt Loaf - we will see shortly if that was a sucess or not. Julia is making some mince pies, I hope there are enough, an old English saying says that you will have a happy month for every mince pie that you eat. I badly need to eat at least 12 this year!
Well, enjoy the weather as best as you can. I'm sure the kids will, us old'uns less so, but I try to enjoy everything as much as I can, I think you do that the more you realize there is going to be less and less to enjoy and share as we age.
On that note I think I should end today's Blog.

Global Warming.

Global Warming is a serious problem, but even more serious, in my opinion, is the intellectual dishonesty used in denying it. Global Warming deniers are of the same ilk as Holocaust deniers. The truth is obvious, the data overwhelming, but they continue to spread their lies. If we let these people influence our policy making we will pay a high price for our foolishness.