Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Stuff?

We don't yet know the cause of Whitney Huston's death which was reported just a few days ago. Apparently it will take "a few weeks" to get the results of the tests. (How come they manage to do these "tox screens" in a few hours on our favorite TV shows but it takes weeks in real life?)
But I think we all suspect that it will be found to be an overdose of drugs that caused her early death at the age of just 48. Thus the title of my Blog today - Good Stuff?
How Good must it be to give up, what 30 or even 40 years of life for? It boggles my mind that someone would sacrifice years of their life for a hit of a drug. Even if it turns out to have been an accident in Whitney Houston's case. An accidental overdose or some other cause, we have all read about celebrities who have died of drug overdoses. Not to mention the bodies picked up off of the streets of our cities every day.
Knowing that they may well end up this way - after all if someone famous with millions of dollars in the bank can't make it work, what makes the "man in the street" think he/she can get away with it?
Just look at a long list of people, only the famous are listed, who died of deliberate or accidental drug overdoses and you should realize that these are people with strong wills, with money, with powerful friends, people who can afford the best doctors, people who have much to live for and to look forward to in life, and yet even they, with all those advantages, succumbed. What makes you, without any of that, think that you can do it and live?
As the ads say "Just Say No." Please.