Monday, December 10, 2012

Fog - again.

Those little cat feet are all over the place again this morning. In fact they have been there almost every morning for the last couple of weeks. But today it is thicker than usual, and more persistent.

Strangely enough we cannot hear any fog horns. At our last home - Brent House Farm - which was on the water, but at the head of a creek and at least a mile from the Bay proper, we often heard them. Now that we are literally right across the road from the Bay, which we can see from the kitchen window, we can't hear them!

I wonder why that is? Do they not use fog horns any more, or is the fog much thicker than it used to be and blankets the sound completely? No, I don't think so either.

Are we just older and our hearing has gone? Or is the part of the Bay that we are close to devoid of fog horns? Are the foghorns that we used to hear on ships or on buoys or lighthouses? Maybe that is the answer, we used to be close to an automatic foghorn, now we are not. That must be it.

If you know the answer to this mystery perhaps you can tell me?