Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces.

Our new Cat/Kitten, Monty reports that he received a B+ in Pouncing School. Well so he should, he has been doing an awful lot of practicing lately. But Julia and I do agree that he receives an A+ in cuteness. And as for climbing, he sems to be at the top of the class, there can be no doubting that.

Meanwhile the Chickens are doing very well as we are getting 5 or 6 eggs virtually every day. Unfortunately this is more than we can eat! I do have one customer who buys a dozen of our beautiful organic eggs every week or so. Kristen The Frugal Girl is very into Fresh, Organic Food, as we are of course. This does not reduce the stock sufficiently and the supply of eggs is building. We do provide our neighbor Mike and his lovely wife Christine with some eggs, and in return they supply the chickens with their surplus food. Any left over fast food from Chinese to Pizza is welcomed by our Ladies, gobbled up and turned into fine looking eggs. What a miracle that is! But more customers are needed.

Out on The Lake, the Cormorants have arrived. Could this be because of the early arrival of Spring, and with it the Fish? Yellow Perch arrived about three weeks ago and White Perch about a week and a half ago - much earlier than I have ever seen before. But I have yet to see an Osprey. A neighbor tells me that we can expect more Eagles this year. We have indeed been seeing several pairs of Eagles during the last few years but Mike says he heard that there are even more coming. He claims that the Eagles like to let the Osprey catch the fish and then steal them. Lazy tykes! Certainly there has been a sufeit of Osprey lately, although I have not seen any yet this year. What with the Cormorants and the Osprey, not to mention the Seagulls who also seem to get their share of fish, I despair that there will be enough for us! So I guess I will have to satisfy myself with the sight of this glut of nature.

The weather has once again exceeded all expectations with temperatures in the 70's and even 80 degrees or more over the last week or two. the weather forecasters are calling for temperatures in the 70's for at least another week. It is only mid March but there are Cherry trees in bloom all over, not to mention the Bradford Pear trees and all manner of other bossoming trees. Of course Snowdrops, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and Pansies are everywhere. The Holly trees are loaded to the point of the branches sagging under the weight of their berries, so those who claim that a rash of holly berries foretell a cold winter are wrong! Along with all the other "old wives tales" that supposedly foretell the weather several seasons into the future.

Well I am going to wrap this up now.