Sunday, August 6, 2017

Let there be Life.

Let there be Light. and there was the Sun
Let there be Rocks, and there was the Earth, with lots of Rocks.
Rocks cannot move or think or reproduce.
The next step up towards Life would be plants.
Plants cannot move or think, but they can reproduce. (Minimal movement?)
Can Rocks imagine Plants? I don't think so.
The next step towards Life would be animals.
Animals can move, and reproduce. (Minimal thought?)
Could Plants imagine Animals I don't think so.
The next step towards Life would be Man.
Man can move and think and reproduce.
Is there another step?
We have Rocks - they cannot imagine even the next step, Plants.
Then we have Plants - they cannot imagine the next step, Animals.
Then we have Animals - can they imagine the next step, ?? I don't think so. Rocks cannot imagine Plants, Plants cannot imagine Animals, Animals cannot imagine Man, so why should Man be able to imagine the next step? Or even what it is? It would be as hard for us to imagine the next step on the rung as it would be for Rocks to imagine Plants or Plants to imagine Animals or Animals to imagine Man or Man to imagine - WHAT? What would the next step be? Magic? Robots? Life without Form? Just Imagination? Stars and atoms as a Giant "Brain"?
Who knows? we are as a Rock "Thinking" about a Plant. Or a Plant "Thinking" about Animals . Or Animals  "Thinking" about Man. .  .   .    .     .
Rocks have no movement or thinking or reproduction.
A step up to plants brings still no thinking and minimal movement but they can reproduce.
A step up to Animals brings movement and little or no thought but they can reproduce.
A step up to Man brings movement, thought and reproduction and maybe a little of What?
Rocks = 0 abilities,
Plants = 1 ability.
Animals = 2 abilities.
Man = 3 abilities.
?what? = 4 abilities? Reproduce, move, think and - you tell me! Move thru Time? Life without form? a Brain the size of our Galaxy? The size of the Universe?
Is there another step with 5 abilities? Or 6, 7, 8, HUNDREDS?
Just saying.
Or asking..