Sunday, November 11, 2012


Is it a policy of No Compromise that is killing the Republican Party? A Grand Old Party that has a history of sensible, moderate, friendly politicians that were able to sit down with their friends from the House and the Senate and talk about their shared goal, which was whatever was best for their country, not their party.

Now we seem to have a group of Fundamentalists preaching NO to virtually everything that the opposing party wants to do irrespective of whether it is good or bad for the country. Good or bad for the Country and the American people does not seem to feature in their minds at all. It is all Party, with no room for compromise at all.

When far-out kooks make far-out statements that even those right of center in their own party can't possibly agree with, nothing is said! Someone can say, "The Earth and the Universe are 6,000 years old." or, "Contraceptives are the same as Abortion." or, "The Theory of Evolution is an idea from the Pits of Hell." and their so called leaders say nothing! But vote for a common sense bill such as supporting the EPA, or reducing pollution, or putting restrictions on Banks and Wall Street and even if you have a record of voting 98% or 99% of the time with your own party, you are immediately branded as a traitor and hounded out of office. To be replaced with someone who "agrees" with the party line - meaning he/she will vote along party lines however crazy the bill may be!

No-Compromise is a strict party line. Just think of Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Self Deportation, Rape, Contraception, rejection of Science, rejection of Climate Change, complaining about mounting debt and then calling for tax cuts, dereguate Big Banks and Wall Street, tax cuts for the rich, end Medicare, cut Soc Sec, remove Obamacare and replace it with Romneycare - which is virtually identical, we were not far enough to the Right. Every one of these far out archaic statements/ideas was guaranteed to lose them votes and maybe the election.

Continuing to lobby for this kind of crazy stuff will lose them the next election, and all future elections if they don't come to their senses and open their eyes.

And it is just fine with me if they keep on trucking along with their eyes, minds and senses firmly in the closed position!!