Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it just me, or . .

. . . don't the Republicans have anything to say except "The Democrats are doing everything wrong." "The President is doing everything wrong." They don't seem to me to have any ideas of their own, the only thing I hear is how everyone else is doing things wrong. How about coming up with their own ideas? Maybe I shouldn't say this but didn't they have 8 years to do something, but didn't, unless you call giving tax cuts to the rich something and letting Capitalism run riot to the point of ruining not just us but the whole world.
And while I'm on it, why isn't our new President doing something with the banks? After the last lot let the banks take all our savings and IRA's and then said thank you by giving them a blank check, shouldn't he be putting some rules on those banks? Shouldn't anything that is "Too big to fail" be made smaller - so that we CAN let them fail if they try to rob us all and then hold us to ransom again?
As I have said too many times, Capitalism is the best system, or it would be if it weren't for the Capitalists! The bankers and wall street types aren't Capitalists they are just a greedy bunch of thieves and criminals hiding behind and using a wonderful system for their own ends. And that end is to take everyones money for themselves, its that simple, they don't care in the least if people lose their jobs, their savings or even if they ruin the entire country, as long as they can get ALL of the money. All of my money, all of your money, all of everyones money.