Saturday, March 4, 2017

How I cured my Throat Cancer.

I woke at 4.00am with "Throat cancer" -again! (4.07am to be precise) I padded down to the kitchen and took a couple of  antacid pills - I usually take one, but this was a particularly bad attack of "Throat Cancer". Pretty soon my "Throat Cancer" was gone!
About 5 years ago when visiting my doctor I had told her that I thought I had throat cancer as I got this burning in my throat. Not all the time, just on occasion. She asked me a few questions and told me to take an antacid pill next time it happened. Apparently it was acid reflux!
When I woke during the night I was sleeping on my back, which I don't usually do. perhaps that caused the acid to get up into my throat? But what could have caused it? I had two strong beers, some sweet potato chips with avocado dip, pecans with sugar coating and apart from Chick Filet chicken a few hours earlier nothing.
Anyway "Throat Cancer" cured. Thank goodness.
Have a nice day.