Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guns - again!

Yes here I am again with my "favorite" subject - guns.
What is happening with us? Yet another multiple gun killing yesterday. No I don't expect you to remember which one that is, after all there is one almost every day.
Here we are all up in arms and excited about Assad in Syria killing 1,400 people with Sarin Gas but not in the least bit concerned that here in the US we kill way more people than that with guns every month! 2,500 people dead in the US every single month! More than every other country in the entire world COMBINED. How crazy is that? And we are not in the least bit concerned. In fact I think we may be proud!
We vote against health care and against keeping guns out of the hands of idiots and crazy people. This makes the US, the richest country in the world, also the most dangerous country in the world. With the worst and most expensive health care in the world, (well not really health CARE, more like health BUSINESS) and the most likely place to be killed or maimed by a gun in the whole world.
Just saying.