Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today 29 or 30 Mowers arrived, it is hard to count them when there are so many. The "Mowers" in this case are Canada Geese. They were on our neighbor's lawn busily "mowing" away when I brought Julia her morning tea at 7.30. They must be just passing through as we have not seen more than an occasional few for several weeks now.
Fall has definitely arrived, the last few days we had temperatures as high as 85 degrees - the average at this time of year is usually 68 - but it is forecast to be in the low 60's for the next week.
The workmen arrived yesterday to begin installing 27 solar electric panels on our Southwest facing roof. They will return today to finish the job. A pessimist, like me, would now say, and I do, that the sun will now disappear from the sky forever! So, after some weeks without seeing the sun you will all know who to blame!
The sun is out now so I am going to enjoy my last sunny day, for who knows how long! On that pessimistic note I leave you, to rejoin my cup of coffee.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mirror Lake.

I awoke this morning to another Beautiful Morning in Paradise. I have a beautiful view, a beautiful house and a beautiful wife, what more could any man ask for?
But this morning the view was overwhelming, not just inside the house, (wife), but outside too. The sun was doing it's usual magic with the early light over The Lake, but now of course we have the beginnings of the Fall Colors too. From our bedroom window we look right across The Lake to the trees on the apposite side. Even on any regular day this view in the early morning is breathtaking, as the sun shines directly on the trees highlighting them perfectly, but now the trees are all decked out in their autumn shades, and the colors are only going to get better! Today we also had an unusually still day. Most days are usually calm early, but today there was not a breath of air and the water was literally like a mirror. If I had taken a photo with the shoreline in the center of the picture and printed it out I am sure you would not have been able to tell which way was up, that is how perfect the reflection was. The stillness of the surface was broken here and there by bugs struggling on the water, by fish breaking the surface as they inhaled the struggling bugs, and by the mysterious white birds that dive into the water in search of a meal. These small white birds, about the size of a grackle, only seem to appear in the mornings and evenings and are fascinating to watch as they fly about 10 to 40 feet above the water, suddenly tuck in their wings and dive straight down, hitting the surface with a tremendous splash and immediately flying off again, presumably with a catch. I say presumably because I have to assume they are successful never having actually seen what they catch. I do think that they must have a tough head, or suffer from awful headaches!
This evening again brought another, "Best Sunset Ever", as always! It is dark now with tremendous lightening flashes lighting up the sky - but no thunder - isn't that eerie? I could swear that I saw the new moon out there earlier with its magic reflection making a silver "road" across The Lake, but it has gone now, maybe behind one of the clouds.
There is never a time that something is not happening here, so much so that I am often reluctant to go anywhere else. This evening we went out for lobster - Monday is Lobster Night at a local restaurant, $10.99 for a Lobster and two side orders! - who can resist? But I had to wait to see the sunset before I would leave!
Well time for some TV I guess. At least PBS doesn't have political ads. We watch a lot of PBS anyway but at election time it gets more of our attention, so that we can avoid those awful ads full of lies from both sides. It is so upsetting to see so much hate. Which makes our peaceful Lake even more . . . . you fill in the gap.
Good night.