Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Peace, Silence, Stillness, that is what I am seeing outside of my window today. A scene of perfection if I ever saw one. The only movements are of clouds of birds as they glide by and the occasional leaf as it flaps it's way down to join the others on the growing mat of colors on my lawn.

I have stuff to do today, how wonderful it would be instead to stay here and watch, as Seinfeld would say - nothing.

But I have to do stuff. Get the Pick Up Truck after it's major repair, pick up straw and chicken food, visit the bank, call customers, clean out the chicken house, dump my compost tumbler and refill it, spread the compost onto the garden. Pull old plants and weeds and consign them to the compost tumbler along with the chicken sh*t. Light the fire, get wood in, feed the cats, and that is just this morning! There is more for the afternoon, but I won't bore you with that, you have your own stuff to do I'm sure.

Meanwhile I think I will have another cup of coffee and enjoy that peaceful world outside my window for a few more minutes before I have to join the fray of "The Real World."

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill said that America will always do the right thing - after they have first exhausted all other possibilities.

I guess the question is, have we exhausted all other possibilities yet? It would certainly seem that we must be getting close, how many other things are there left for us to do before we 'do the right thing' - whatever that may be.

The alternative may be collapse. That is what seems to happen to things when they build up too much.

Take The Mighty Roman Empire, few know that it collapsed, not over centuries, but over one or two decades. The Ming Dynasty in China, built up over centuries fell in a single decade. The Incas were masters of all they surveyed in 1520, by 1530 they were all gone, destroyed by Spaniards, gunpowder and disease.

Closer to home and our time, in case you think those things happened a long time ago and can't happen now, how about the Soviet Union - was that sudden enough for you? What about the dictatorships of North Africa? Ali, Mubarick, Ghadaffi, here today with their fortunes and palaces, gone tomorrow.

Is the European economy about to collapse? And if it does, can ours be far behind? The history of collapses shows them to be sudden, not slow declines as you might think. Sudden and complete.

Oh, did I forget to mention that ALL of those collapses that I mentioned, as well as all the others over the centuries, were all the result of GREED. (You can check in with Wall Street, Bankers, Goldman Sachs et al on the meaning of GREED.)

Beware. And be ready. If you can!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seven Billion . . .

. . .Dollars or People? Both actually, the world now officially has seven billion people to support. Coincidentally, Goldman Sachs, a name synonamous with the word Greed, has set aside $7 Billion dollars for Bonuses for it's already Super Overpaid employees. Its associates alone are set to receive an average of $3 million each in bonuses, and there are around 500 associates!

Unbelievably, that money could give one dollar to every single person in the entire world!! Or looking at it another way, if the average family consists of five persons, each family would receive $5.

It may be of interest to you to know that Goldman Sachs received $6 Billion dollars in bailout money from US - YOU AND ME!!! Now they are going to take that $6 Billion dollars of OUR hard earned money, add another Billion to it, and share it out among themselves!!

$6 Billion dollars works out at around $20 for every person in the USA. Or using my earlier figure of 5 people per family it is about $100 per family, that is how much we gave Goldman Sachs to "Bail them out". I don't know about you, but I could put $100 to a lot better use than giving bonuses to the very people that caused the problems that I, and the entire country, is suffering from.

Can anyone tell me why they deserved to receive $6 Billion of our money? Is it for doing such a great job? At what? At robbing us? At destroying our economy? At setting a new standard for greed?

Just in case you didn't already know, I am pretty upset. I can certainly understand why the 99% are upset with the 1%.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Nature Paints a Picture.

The view from here today is breathtaking - no I am not referring to my view of Julia, which of course is always thrilling and exciting - instead I allude to the view from our Window on The Lake, which is now at it's most amazing. The colors are as bright as any in nature, surely it would be impossible for even a Michelangelo to capture and do justice to this scene? And here it is, laid out before me to enjoy for free.

Wait, let's not get too carried away now, Anne Arundel County does of course impose a heavy penalty for living in the Land of the FREE and the Brave, a penalty known as Property Taxes which they are glad to collect from us at the rate of about $150 a week, or about three times as much as we spend for food, four times as much as we spend on road tax, insurance and gas for our car, but less than one quarter of what we spend on our mortgage. I'm not sure if it is a bargain or not, but I certainly can no more imagine living without my view of The Lake than I could of not enjoying my daily dose of inhaling the beauty of Julia.