Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In Praise of Chickens.

I just took a bag of salad that had gone off and shook it out into our chicken run. You would have thought that it was a bag of Caviar! They looked the way that I think I would look eating a Big Mac after not eating for three days!

What a delight it is to watch them eat. They don't care if it is a half eaten sandwich, left over fried chicken, carrot tops and peelings, uneaten cat food, weeds, a dried out bread roll, the remains of a crab feast, the parts of a cooked fish that you couldn't eat, you name it, if you can eat it or even if you can't, they can, and will!

No sir, there is no waste in this household. And they thank us with nice fresh eggs. (And they even eat the eggshells!)