Friday, June 8, 2012

June 6th D Day.

Well two days ago was June 6th, D-Day. I mentioned it to someone that day and they said "What is that?"!

No Comment.

It just so happened that our new cat Monty - how appropriate is THAT name for June 6th?! - was going to the vet for his own "D-Day"! We dropped him off at 8.00 am for his operation. He'd had nothing to eat or drink since 10.00pm the previous night, poor little guy.

Julia named him Monty because Monty had been her first cat and she figured that this Monty would be her last cat! And yes the first Monty WAS named after Field Marshall Montgomery of World War II fame.

We picked him up from the vets at 4.00pm. He was a little sleepy, but not as much as we expected. He was shall we say, subdued, until the next morning, at which time you would not have known anything had happened, although Julia swears that he doesn't "Talk" to her now!

Anyway, all seems to be pretty much back to normal now.

Today, Friday June 8th, was Graduation Day for our number four grandson Jonny. He recived The Presidents Award - for having a GPA over 3.5 and also another award which I am not sure about. It was a beautiful day, sunny and about 80 degrees.

We just heard that this spring was the warmest since they started keeping records.