Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hell Yes!

The question was - from Mitt Romney, "Are we better off than we were 4 years ago?"
And I repeat Hell Yes. If you don't agree then you must have a VERY short memory.
I remember 4 years ago we were : -

Losing around 800,000 jobs a MONTH!

Involved in 2 wars.

Terrorism was rampant.

Our economy was headed downhill, fast, in fact we were headed for a depression.

The DOW was under 7,000.

Gas was over $4 a gallon.

Our auto industry was ready to collapse and close down.

Corruption was rampant on Wall Street and in the banks.

Banks were failing.

Mortages were failing.

Home prices were dropping.

The military budget had almost DOUBLED in the 8 years of the Bush 2 administration.

The National Debt had DOUBLED.

In spite of the HUGE deficits Bush had cut taxes on the richest Americans.

Now we have some hope : -
When he came into office President Obama found a worst mess than almost any President has ever found. He has worked to stop the depression, and succeeded, at least in part, despite a determined Sabotage by the Republican party, who were determined not to compromise or co-operate to help save the country at all.

Without any help at all from Republicans, in spite of President Obama reaching accross the aisle repeatedly, he has : -

Changed from Losing 800,000 jobs a month to Adding jobs for the last 30 months in a row - a total of 4 1/2 million jobs, with no help at all from the Republicans. In fact with them voting down every attempt by the President to improve the economy. Never has there been such a disgusting show of non co-operation in our entire history.

Ended one war and ending the second one.

Acts of terrorism greatly reduced. And several dozen terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, killed. (More than all other presidents combined)

Economy stabilized, again with NO help from the Republicans.

DOW over 13,000.

Gas prices down. Oil imports at their lowest in years. Oil and gas production in the US the highest ever.

The auto industry back on track. And well over a million jobs saved. Republicans called for the industry to be allowed to go bankrupt.

Wall Street, banks and mortgages, well some improvement, maybe. Some controls imposed - which the Republicans are determined to remove as soon as they get into office! And in fact to remove many regulations on banks, Wall Street, Clean Air, Clean Water, and all forms of Big Business. Which will put us right back where we were before, only worse. The businesses that almost caused our complete demise will be given free rein to rape us again. Unless you are very rich, in which case you will have your taxes cut even more.

Home prices seem to have finally stabilized and are even creeping up slightly, along with sales.

Attempts are being made by President Obama to get military spending under control. With half of all military spending on the planet we are spending an insane amount of money. And don't forget that most of the other half of the worlds military spending is by our allies!

Yes the National Debt is climbing. But not as much as it will if the Republicans get into power. They want to raise military spending even more. They don't want to get out of Afghanistan. They seem to want to start a war with Iran. They want to cut taxes to the richest Americans even more. And how will they pay for this largesse? None of them will say, except for some vague promises to cut loopholes. Many think these "Loopholes" mean cutting the mortgage deduction and the health insurance deduction. Which will affect the middle classes.

Mitt is also determined to end The Affordable Health Care Act. Which he seems to hate, which is strange to say the least as it was first proposed by Republicans and was introduced, successfully by Mr Romney in his home State of Massachusetts! Basically it was copied by President Obama! Surely a compliment? Revoking the Affordable Health Care Act will put millions of Americans where they were 4 years ago with no affordable health insurance. Anyone born with a defect, illness or disease will be denied health insurance for life. Anyone having the temerity to get sick will once again find that their insurance company doesn't want to cover them any more! "Yes we know that you have paid every month for 20 years and hardly ever made a claim. But now you have cancer/AIDS/some other dread disease and we don't want to cover you any more! And we don't have to!"

Same for Medicare, gone, same for Social Security, gone. Yep you paid in for your whole life, but we spent the money on tax cuts for the rich and now we can't afford to pay you!

Just a couple of Facts - 2/3 of the National Debt was incurred under Republican Presidents.

The cost of Health Care rose 4% last year, and 4% the year before - the LOWEST rise in over 50 YEARS ! !

My 19 year old grandson helped me with some work today. Under Bush he would have been getting blown up by IED's in Iraq or Afghanistan. I hope and pray that Mitt Romney does not get elected as he is determined to get us into another war and my 4 Grandsons look just fine with all their arms and legs.

Please do not vote for these extreme Republican Politicians. They really are crazy. Fundamentalists. If they are Christians then GOD help us.