Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spend more, get less.

I wonder what that refers to? Well it refers to the US Health System (Or as I like to call it The US Health Business)

The WHO - World Health Organisation - has a report comparing the health systems of the world's countries. Herewith some of the figures. (John Boehner says that the US has the best health system in the world)

The WHO says : -

The US is FIRST - highest in cost. No contest.
The US is 37th - in performance.
The US is behind, France (1st), most countries of W. Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, the Middle East and even Columbia, Cyprus, Morrocco, Dominica and Costa Rica. We did beat Slovenia - by 1.
The US is 39th - in infant mortality.
The US is 42nd - in adult male mortality.
The US is 43rd - in adult female mortality.
The US is 36th - in life expectancy.

So we spend more, and get less.

Oh and we are 72nd in health!

And 46% of personal bankruptcies in the US are from medical debt. (Most countries that have a national health system have no bankruptcies from medical debt.)

Just saying.