Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An amazing story about bad timing!

Our neighbors decided to take their grandson on a short break to Ocean City. Feeling a little nervous about taking her jewlery to Ocean City and having visions of seeing it washing away in the breakers but at the same time not wanting to leave it at home either, she decided to take it to the bank and put it in their safe deposit box. Her husband having recently had surgery after an horrendous injury suffered while playing Raquetball had lost weight, so his wedding ring was loose. He too decided this would be a good time to leave his ring behind.
So, on the way Downey Ocean, they stopped at their bank - M&T to deposit the valuables. (Have you ever thought what a ridiculous name that is for a bank? Empty Bank!)
Anyway, they deposited said valuables into their safety deposit box and headed off to OC relieved to know that their prized possesions were safe in the vault.
They awoke the next morning to big thunder and lightning storms. And news that their bank The Empty Bank had burned!
Can you imagine their frustration and horror? So Can I. Here they were stranded in Ocean City 150 miles away from home and their burned down bank.
Phone calls at 3.00am? produced an answering machine - of course. Their call was returned the next day and assurances made that their
"stuff" was probably OK as it was in the vault! And anyway it was insured for up to $5,000 !
Needless to say they did not have a good time.
To follow up, as of now, almost 2 weeks after the fire they have still not received a letter or any notification of the fire. If they had not seen the news story they still would not know about it. As they did see the story they have kept in touch by phone. There is still no access to their box as the building is considered dangerous. Good job they don't need their passports or anything else important.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Cat.

It amazes me that my cat cannot understand that there is an invisible barrier between her and that moth outside of the window. She will frustrate herself for hours pawing, scratching and attacking the glass. On and on with no hope, and never learning. When the next moth appears she is at it again having learnt nothing from the futility of all her previous attempts.

And in a similar way I am amazed that Republicans and Democrats cannot understand that they and us and the country and indeed the whole world would be so much better off if they would co-operate with each other.

Such a simple concept.

But their simple minds just cannot grasp it.

So like Muffey they paw, scratch and attack each other, wasting their time and energy and our time and money in a futile attempt to - what?

When, by co-operating, they - well obviously not them as there is not an atom of brain power between the whole lot of them - but some of us could sit down, put the problems on a table, a very large table because there are a very large number of problems, almost all of which were created by those same politicians, and figure them out.

Hey we do have intelligent people who can figure out problems. We just put an SUV on Mars! We just found The Higgs-Bosun, one of the basic building blocks of the Universe. We know why the Sun "Comes up".

Even I know when my lawn needs mowing, the cat needs feeding and to slow down when I see a police car following me. And yet as intelligent as most Americans, British, and all human beings are, we allow ourselves to be ruled by the least intelligent, greediest, most selfish, most dishonest, lying theives in that Universe - the average Politician.

Of course it doesn't say much about us that we put up with them.

Just saying.