Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cormorants and Osprey

Once again The Lake is loaded with Cormorants and Osprey. At times there are so many Cormorants that they look like floating islands out there. The Osprey don't exactly blot out the sun, but there are several roaming the skies above The Lake.

I have said before that "The birds are stealing all MY fish. There will be none left for me." But I wonder if perhaps it doesn't mean something else? Namely that there must be a lot of fish out there to attract so many birds to fish here!

Lets hope that is the case because I do love my fish dinner. It will soon be time for me to head out there and bring home the bacon - I mean the fish! It has been too cold lately for me to stand out there for long, but soon, very soon, Winter will be a memory and Spring will have sprung, along with the Season of the Fish.