Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden Harvest.

Finally here we are getting towards the end of June and the harvest is starting to come in. We leave for England early tomorrow morning. Julia made dinner and here is what we had from the garden - Beets, Cucumber, Peas, a pie made with Eggs, Spinach and Swiss Chard. So far everything was from our garden. Not from the garden, yet, were the Tomatoes and of course the Avocados. I also had a Home Made Beer.
This morning we had Raspberries from the garden and yesterday we had our first Squash of the year along with some Fish from The lake. Usually by this time of the year we would have been having Figs too.
Unfortunately we have had some "visitors" - I suspect Deer, who have decimated our Tomato plants, Beans, Lettuce, Beets tops, Potato tops and Sweet Potato tops. Maybe even more. Not a good thing.
There is a pear tree in the front garden with probably several hundred young pears on it. last year I went out there one day and ALL of the pears were GONE! Completely gone. At first I thought that the kids had got into them. But looking around I did not see any sign of pears. If the kids had picked and thrown them they would be laying around, plus they would not have picked every single one. The pears were well on their way, quite big, but still not ripe but apparently ripe enough to be eaten, almost certainly by deer.
Not sure what to do. Very frustrating.