Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm guessing that you know by now who I am talking about - yes, Republicans, or more specifically Tea Partiers.

Let's see now, we have Richard Mourdock. He recently said "If a woman gets raped and becomes pregnant, God intended it to happen." Insensitive to say the least. But in my mind Simply Stupid.

Then there was Todd Akin. He famously, now, said, "A woman who was 'legitimately' raped would not get pregnant because her body would shut down the reproductive process."

Next we have Joe Walsh. He said that "Abortion to save the life of the mother has become a tool for abortions at any time." He also said, "It is a ploy because the mothers life can always be saved now with no harm to the fetus."

Then there is Paul Ryan, you have heard of him? He co-sponsored the bill with Todd Akin that would redefine incest as something that only happens to minors!

Last, but not least, on my roster of "Stupid White Men." is the prehistoric Paul Broun who said that "The earth is only 9,000 years old and evolution is a lie that is straight from the pit of hell."!!! He is on the Republican Science, Space and Technology Committee!! He is also a medical doctor!!

And if Romney becomes President I'm sure that the world's oceans will be happy! They will have freedom to take over the world! What did he say to Obama's "It is time to slow the oceans rise."? He said I'm not worried about the oceans or the world I'm worried about you. (the people)

New Yorkers are saying, "We are getting 100 year floods every 2 years!"

All these idiots - sorry, I really do hate to use such a strong word and I considered long and hard before deciding that it is indeed appropriate - are right behind the man who will be leading this country soon and who will be inducting these people to run our country and ruin it. He, Romney, will doubtless be putting forward new names for the Supreme Court who have these beliefs. Roe vs Wade will be reversed. Abortion, for any reason, will be outlawed. (Good news for the back alley abortionists.)

The brothers and sisters of these crazies are waiting anxiously to vote out the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. And of course the Affordable Health Care Act (Also known in Mass. as Romneycare - because it is virtually identical.) And Family Planning along with well women visits, insurance coverage for contraception, breast cancer screening, other cancer screening for women, violence against women help, etc etc etc. We can also say goodbye to the EPA, the Clean Air Act, Clean Water, any controls or regulation of Big Banks, Wall Street, Big Business, Big Agriculture, Polluters.

Let's see who else has a limited lifespan if the Tea Party Republicans take over? How about Public TV and Big Bird, Public Radio, protection of our National Parks, our waters, rivers, education help for those who can't afford to pay for higher education themselves, science, research and development, Social Security, Medicare, you name it.

And if you think that I am exaggerating just read what Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and others in the Tea Party controlled Republican Party has been running on, and the septic nonsense that they spout out.

It is obviuos to me that Conservatives are unable to see just what is being said by these people in the name of the Republican Party. Because they consider themselves Republicans, they think that whatever their Republican leader says is what they themselves believe. If they could only look at it, read it and think about it, surely at least some of them would be able to see what is being fed to them in the name of the once great Republican party.

To repeat - from men who are NOT doctors, women cannot get pregnant if they are raped, if they do get pregnant, God intended it, doctors can always save women without harm to the fetus. Real doctors all say this is BS. Then we have men who say incest only happens to minors, the world is only 9,000 years old. Do we really want these people leading us??

I certainly hope not.