Friday, April 3, 2009

Off to Washington DC

Today I go To DC for another 3 days. I hope to be able to drum up more business for my employer, it is hard work, I work a Home & Garden Show, mostly for 12 hour days, and that is just the time on the floor, 99% of the time I am on my feet (The 1% is time spent on the toilet and sitting down to reach under the table for brochures!) Then there is the time going from Hotel to Show & back. I eat breakfast before the show and dinner AFTER! That's after 10pm. The rest of the time I put my leads together, make a few phone calls, watch the news, and wish I were home at my Lake with my Wife.
It's not so bad, you get to meet and talk to a lot of people, make some appointments, look at the pretty girls - there are usually a lot of those - give gifts to kids, that's fun, talk to the surrounding booth people when it's slow. The worst part is not being at home with Julia and missing the sunsets over the Lake, as I've said before there are only 365 of them a year and I hate to miss any of them. Before the show today I have to go to Annapolis as I am appealing the property tax assesment on this house. So I gotta go. See ya later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More on the birds of The Lake

This morning - Tuesday - we awoke to a dull cloudy day. But the birds were fascinating, the first sighting was immediate - two Great Blue Herons by the bulkhead, shortly thereafter another one landed on the pier and then took off again. The Ospreys were very busy, Julia saw three of them catch fish while I was making our early morning 'cuppa'. Back in the bedroom, our ideal viewing site as there are 10 floor to ceiling windows plus the glass door to the deck (or what we hope will be the deck one day!) and the two small windows on the other wall, I soon saw the three Ospreys and then another two, for a total of 5 Ospreys, they like to perch high up in the trees close to the Lake, then they take off and soar across the Lake stopping frequently to hover, then they move on and hover again, finally diving, but usually pulling up before actually hitting the water. Eventually they continue and hit the water sometimes coming up with a fish and sometimes not. The Cormorants are still there, but while using the binoculars to look at the Swan (there are two swans but as we are only seeing one most of the time now, we think the other must be on a nest) I spotted another batch of Cormorants too numerous to count, I estimated 50, this in addition to the batch of 20 that I had seen earlier! I wonder how many Ospreys there are around the Lake as the ones that I am seeing are just close to us. There could be more on the other side of the Lake.