Friday, January 29, 2010


If you think big business owns the Senate now, well wait a little while, with this new ruling from the Supreme Court, Corporations have been given 'open season' to bribe, bully and intimidate politicians even more than they ever have before. Any politician who does not 'toe the line' or seems like he might try to rein in any excesses of Big Business will be very quickly voted out and replaced with one who will do what they are told, and paid, to do. Big Banks and Investment Houses will very soon be back to business as usual - stealing our money, that's your money and my money, (If I had any left after this last round of theft.) If any senator had even the thought of regulating banks now, well forget it, they - the banks - have millions of dollars (Our dollars - they don't have any other dollars, only ours!) which they will spend with reckless abandon - after all it is not their money (Except in their minds) so they can spend as much of it as they want. If a politician tries to stand up to them can you even imagine the carnage? His history from the time he tried to steal a kiss from Becky in second grade, to the speeding ticket, to the golf trip or any other major or minor 'infraction' or flaw will be plastered all over the media at election time, 24/7. If there are no skeletons to find, well it is quite legal to make them up - all is fair in love, war and elections.
Banks now have them over a barrel. Oil companies, just try and deal with Global Warming, and you will hear how you are opposed to jobs. Don't upset Defense Contractors or you will be "Soft on Terror". Corporations have their way clear to reward co-operative politicians, whereas any that don't might as well be dead. Welcome to the politician from Detroit (As in Automobile Politician) or the Health Insurance Politician, or the Senator of Wall Street.
Already Corporations control most of our politicians and our way of life. What you don't think so? The US is the only civilized country that doesn't have health care for all it's citizens. Courtesy of Health Ins companies that make fortunes out of us, especially us who are not sick, if you are sick, or get sick, you are off their rolls! 50,000 Americans die every year because they can't get Health Insurance. Try telling that to ALL the other civilized counties in the world - they might not believe you. But it is going to get WORSE! Now EVERY politician is going to have to do as they are told by Health Ins Co's or they will be OUT! Lobbyists for the Health Ins Co's spend millions every DAY to keep the politicians in their pockets, soon it will be even worse.
Mark my words. They have always said that a lot of politicians are for sale, but now they will have no choice, they won't be able to fight against big corporations even if they want to.
Over and out.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Global Warming is baaack!

Awoke this morning to a 60 degree reading on the thermometer affixed to the outside of our bedroom window! Of course it is also raining like crazy, I am seeing forecasts of coastal flooding, flooded roads etc, they say we could get 3" of rain this morning. The wind is howling, stuff is blowing all over, there are waves on the pond more than a foot high - which is almost unheard of, it is so sheltered. We were going to take grandson Bradley and his girlfriend Andy to the Natural History Museum in Washington DC today but they seem to be reluctant to go. Strange, the adventurous spirit must have been bred out of these modern day Americans. Julia, who can barely walk, and I are all ready to set off on another "adventure" but our children want to stay inside in the warm and dry. Oh well, such is life. Maybe I'll make some bread while they text and e-mail each other and their friends all over the country. Cars and gas are going to be things of the past soon. I predict brain implants that will make it unnecessary to leave our chairs, houses will shrink to the size of large armchairs, even TVs will not be needed, programs will be received by our implanted brain chip.
Anyway, I don't think we are going to DC today.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Texting and phoning while driving.

This is a plea from a father and a grandfather for those of you who text and or use your phone while driving. You might do it every day for a year, or two years, or three, but I am sure you will agree that every once in a while you say to yourself WHOA! I almost missed that Stop Sign or that Red Light or Where did that car come from? or - - - add your own "Surprise". The thing is that sooner or later one of these Surprises will end badly - most likely for someone else, because of YOU, but possibly for you too. It might be a kid coming out from behind a parked car in your own neighborhood while you are distracted for a few seconds or even for one second. Hundreds, no thousands of times a year this happens to someone else. Sooner or later it will happen to you. How will you feel then? No, you are not a better driver than everyone else! As a matter of fact if you text or use your phone while you are driving you are a WORSE driver than everyone else - because you care about a text or a phone call more than someone else's life. Please don't text or phone while driving. Please for your sake and everyone else's sake. Please, for my sake and the sake of my children and grandchildren as well as your own. Thank you.