Sunday, June 10, 2012

A dissapointment, or not?

A dissapointment, or not? We will never know. Monty just found out that his brother Walter, is a girl!

How could this happen?

A brief Biography of Monty's life. He was born on the Eastern Shore to a wayward stray named Naomi after being found by friends wandering shamelessly around the neighborhood cohorting with any Tomcat that would have her. But they took her in anyway. Our friends thought she was a little sort of pudgy looking but it took their 18 year old son to point out that she was pregnant!

Anyway, Naomi susequently gave birth to 4 little balls of fur that were as cute as anything. Julia went to see them and the one who was later to be separated from his siblings and emigrate to our home on the Western Shore and be named Monty - after her first cat (Because she thinks this will be her last cat, and that would tidy things up nicely.) and also after Field Marshall Montgomery of World War II, El Alamein, North Africa fame. Quite a reputation to live up to! But he is proving that he would have made an excellent Field Marshal had he had the chance!

Anyway the same friends who could not diagnose a pregnant cat it turns out could also not tell the difference between male and female cats! Thank God neither of them are doctors.

Meanwhile Monty has had his manhood taken away - which has not slowed him down at all.

I wonder if Walter is gay? There are two other unfortunate brothers/sisters, will their genders ever be known? Has their mother been fixed? Is the world flat? All questions for people far more intelligent than those who live on the Eastern Shore.

Just kidding.