Friday, October 12, 2012

Who has the most sensible energy policy?

That would be for the USA and the World.
Should I discuss the differences or just come out for one or the other?
The answer is obvious but if I plump for one you might not bother to read any further if your opinion is different.
It really doesn't matter because my choice will be obvious very quickly anyway. The policies on one side make sense for the US and the World while the other sides make no sense for either.
One side says drill baby drill, cut regulations, keep subsidies on profitable oil companies, cut out any help for clean energy, oppose raising fuel efficiency standards and so on. That is the Republican side.
The other side instead want to cut energy use. They want to do this in several ways, the easiest, cheapest and cleanest way is to reduce demand. One way to do that is increase fuel efficiency standards, which Romney opposes! Another way is to produce energy cleanly with solar, wind, wave, geo thermal and other non-polluting methods. Romney opposes these too, threatening to eliminate tax breaks for any clean energy, renewables or green ways of producing energy. This has already resulted in the loss of jobs as wind and solar companies pull back after threats from Romney to kill tax credits for clean energy efforts, but to keep them for extremely profitable oil giants. Then he blames Obama for the loss of jobs in the renewable energy fields!
The "Etch-a-sketch" man who was a big basher of coal when he was the Massachusetts Governor, has now made a 180 degree change on that and he now woos the coal companies.
Romney wants to increase oil and gas production in the US. Oil and gas production in the US is already at record highs. And oil imports are at record lows! Even after the BP oil spill oil rigs are at record high numbers. Oil companies have over 7,000 permits to drill on Federal land that they are not using!
Romney wants to help the oil barons even more by reducing air pollution standards. Obama opposes that.
Obama wants to cut tax breaks for the spectacularly profitable oil companies. Romney opposes that. Obama wants to encourage clean energy production. Romney opposes that. Obama wants to increase fuel efficiency. Romney opposes that.
Who has the most sensible energy policy?

In my next post I will offer some ideas of my own on ways to cut America's energy use.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


That stands for the Enviromental Protection Agency - obviously a Liberal Agency! Therefore it MUST be destroyed. Conservatives - in this context is that not a major misnomer? - want to shut down the EPA. They feel that the Environment is already way over protected!
Now I don't know about you but does that not sound like they may be living in a different world to the rest of us?
Is their world not warming? (Yes it is. For every one of at least the last 360 months the average temperature over the world - that's the one that we both live in whether they like it or not - has been above average. To repeat that, the average temperature over the entire world has been ABOVE average for every single one of at least the last 360 months!) Does their world not have insect, bird and animal species that are not becoming extinct at the rate of at least a hundred a year? Do they not notice that children are suffering from asthma and other diseases relating to bad air and bad water at an ever increasing rate? Or perhaps they just don't care? I really don't think that is the case, it may be more a case of ignorance.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could make ignorance extinct? Without making Conservatives extinct. That seems to be where most of the ignorance in this world, and about this world, exists!
Just saying.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


What did the first fish(s) say when they crawled out onto land and evolved?

Do you give up?

They said, "Let's build a wall so no one else can crawl out of the water and evolve!"

Sounds about right don't you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A self made man.

That is how I just saw Mitt Romney described!!
Consider, when he was born it was no doubt in a hospital with the very best health care that money can buy.
He came into a world of wealth and privilege, just like everyone else, right? No advantage over the average person? NOT!
He lived in an area that was average, with average neigbors. NOT.
Of course he went to your average school and your average University where he met avarage people, just like you and I did. NOT.
He didn't have to worry about paying for his education or getting and working jobs to pay for it. By the time he finished his schooling he had met more people that would help him through his "self made" career than 100 average people had met, or would meet, in their whole lives.
Calling him "Self Made" is insane.
My Grandson would love to have just a tenth of the help that Mitt had. Bradley is working three jobs and going to college, And that is with his parents, grandparents and great grandparents helping him. He has been saving up his pocket money and baby sitting money and Birthday and Christmas money for some 10 years - he is 19 - just like Mitt doubtless did. NOT.
Calling someone who started off near the top and made it to the top is not the story of a self made man.
In fact with the kind of help that he had how could he possibly fail?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Take our country back.

The Republican war cry. But just where is they are going to take us back to? How far back? To a time when women and blacks could not vote or own property or speak up? Back to when no one paid taxes and the wealthy owned slaves? When we had dirt roads, worked dusk to dawn seven days a week, had no unions, no rights, no Social Security, no formal education?
That seems to me what they would like AND what they are working towards.
Obama is fighting for fairness for everyone. Rob me is fighting for the rich. The Republicans want to Remove Obama - not help him save America. They want to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act - not improve it.
They want to put God into Government, which our forefathers specifically wanted to keep separate. They want to make rape OK, send jobs abroad, trash our environment, eviscerate the EPA, Clean Air and Clean Water, and get rid of Soc Sec and Medicare.
I hope and pray that they fail - just like their hero Rush said about Obama when the people of the United Sates voted him to be their President. And the Republicans have tirelessly fought to bring Rush's words to fruition, even if it would mean destroying America, voting down eveything that would help our country and the economy. It is the Republicans who are sabotaging our recovery.
Just saying.