Friday, July 23, 2010

Nature paints a picture.

Yes, The Lake is an absolute picture. Especially at 5.30 am, I have tried to tell Julia, the love of my life, to get herself awake at least for long enough to see the effects of the sun over The Lake in the morning. But to no avail. (I like to tell her that she must be in practice for the Individual Sleeping Event at the next Olympic Games in London in 2012. She won the silver medal when she was Sleeping for the US last time she entered, but this time I think she is determined to win the gold!)
Anyway, that aside, the sun does its magic every morning as it colors The Lake and the trees around it in its palette of pastel paints. First a blanket of pink or blue and then usually working up to the golds. It all depends on the clouds and all the other variables, but it never dissapoints.
Kristen, The Frugal Girl, e-mailed me today, which reminded me to check out my refrigerator for anything that I missed. And sure enough there it was, a lone, nasty, black banana. But that was all, my chickens will love it, they don't turn up their noses (beaks) at anything. It all goes down, along with their feed, the weeds that I throw in, the lettuce from the garden that went to seed and everything else, and comes out the other end as beautiful tasty eggs. One of the many miracles of nature. So does that count as waste? No I don't think so either, in fact I can't remember the last time something went to waste. When you have chickens there is no such thing as waste.