Monday, October 1, 2012

Retarded Mosquitos?

Is there such a thing? If there is I encountered one last night. Sleeping soundly - a real rarity for me - I awoke to a an itch or even a pain in my hand. It was almost immediately apparent that I had been bitten on my wrist, which was itching, but the palm of my hand was hurting more. Now even at 71 years old I work every day, if not in my garden or the yard at Dock Road, then in my workshop or around the house. So my palms are quite hard. In fact I cannot ever remember being bitten on the palm before. I have been bitten by mosquitos many, many times, in fact I am a veritable Mosquito Magnet! So with all that soft delicious flesh available, why would the creature choose my tough palm? I can only assume that it was retarded.

On a more calm note as we lay on the bed in the early morning and watched The Lake together Julia was moved to say, in her soft beautiful voice, "Mirror Lake." I agreed. The Lake was indeed a perfect mirror.

A small bird was perched on one of the pilings at the end of the pier. It was unusual enough that I was prompted to pick up the binoculars for a closer look, it was a Banded Kingfisher. Quite small and apparently common here, according to the bird book that I looked at. It was about 12" long and I think that I have seen one here before but it was definitely worth a mention. Heck ANY bird is worth a mention nowadays!