Saturday, January 9, 2010

TWO Golden Eagles.

Another cold day in heaven - that's what I call our Glorious little Eden on The Lake - but what is this I see out on the ice? Two Bald Eagles sitting on the edge of the ice,(The Lake is still not completely frozen over, there are still some open areas.) They seem to be facing off about something we can't see. Even using the binoculars all we can see are the two Eagles, they appear to be upset with each other so I can only assume that there is maybe a dead fish or something in the water. There is nothing on the ice or in their beaks or talons. I go to look for the bird book to confirm the sighting - Julia wondered if they were Ospreys - but was unable to find it and by the time I got back for another look they had both gone. Just one more exciting moment of life on The Lake.

Friday, January 8, 2010


We awoke this morning to a new fall of snow. I'm not sure if it is the third or fourth fall this winter. The weather people called for 1 to 3 inches over night and they seem to have hit it on the head, it looks to be about 2 inches out there right now. It sure does look pretty, but as they say - looks can be deceiving! Soon it will look ugly, first when I get out there to shovel and then when I find I can't get the car to go up the hill! And then again as it gets all churned up and dirty looking. I get the feeling that this is going to be a long winter. Already the stock of bird seed is starting to get low. I guess like everything else we will have to start rationing bird seed too. A shame, our feathered friends give us so much pleasure, they are starting to depend on our hand outs and I hate to disappoint them. The squirrels arrive in force every day too and while I hate to deny them, if there was a way to reduce their take I think that I would, one squirrel can eat the seed supply for several birds. But I don't seem to have any way to keep them off. If you try to chase them they just look at you, but meanwhile every bird in the whole area has left.
I often wonder how the birds that depend on fish get on. With The Lake frozen solid, there is no way for them to fish, what do they do? I am still seeing the Great Blue Heron flying around, but how long can they survive wothout fish? Do they eat something else? Do they have caches of fish hidden away, like the squirrels do with nuts? No I didn't think so. But it is a mystery. If you know the answer please let me know.