Monday, November 7, 2011


As many of my faithful readers know, I have often said that The Lake is different every time that I look at it. This can mean day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute. I suppose if you wanted to be a real stickler you could even say second to second or nano-second to nano-second - whatever they are - because of course it is never EXACTLY the same. The waves are different, the leaves and the birds are in different positions and so on.

But of course I am not referring to the ever changing nano-seconds, or even seconds and minutes. Although I must say that a few minutes can indeed make a big difference, when the sun comes up in the morning the colors on The Lake and the trees do indeed change by the minute, as it does at sunset, or when the sun goes behind a cloud.

But today I am reporting on a major difference to "The Norm", at 6.00 am today as I struggled out of bed to head for my morning coffee my gaze was met by a blank view of white through the window! Had Julia put up white curtains in the night and pulled them across? Of course she hadn't, Mother Nature not Julia, had changed my view of the world and more specifically of The Lake, it was enshrouded in thick fog.

My view of the world was all white. I could not even see the pier a mere 100 feet away and even the trees right in front of the windows were mere shadows.

It is now 8am and the light of my life, known by others as the Delightful Julia, has emerged from her coma and drowsily commented that it is foggy out. I, of course report that it was indeed very foggy a couple of hours ago, but that now it is just a little foggy, almost a mist in fact. The Lake looks almost like something with the edges taken off, sort of rounded, like a pastel painting or one of those Chinese Artists renditions, that they do so well.

I can hear the fog horns on the Bay and the sun is doing its work of burning off the fog. Soon it will be gone and I will be able to view The Lake in all its Glorious Fall Colors.

Gotta get some more coffee and settle down to watch.