Thursday, September 13, 2012


A Presidential hopeful who cannot think before he speaks.

This man insulted our closest ally, the United Kingdom.

A Consulate employee sent a tweet saying that the policy of the United States is for freedom of all religions. This was sent BEFORE the attack on the Consulate. Mr Romney immediately interpreted this somehow as an apology by President Obama!

At a time when we were being attacked, a time that most politicians stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, support each other and the country, Mr Romney instead attacked the President without even waiting to find out the facts.

I am really scared that if this man gets into The White House we are toast. He speaks and acts before he thinks, before he has the facts. Not even caring if the people he is speaking to or about are our allies or our enemies!

This is no way for the most powerful man in the world to act. Nuclear weapons by the thousand are pointed at every country on the globe. A stupid statement by a stupid man like Romney and we are back to the Stone Age.

Just saying.