Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Common Sense Party.

Well, I've about had it with The Tea Party and The Coffee Party, I think it is about time I entered the arena with The Common Sense Party. What do you think?
I think that both "Sides" should have one common purpose - Good - they should be trying to do some good for People, good for the U.S., good for the World, good for the Environment, for our Children, our Neighbors, our Fellow Man. In other words they should live The Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Instead, all I see is politicians doing whatever they can for themselves, with no thought at all for the people they are supposed to be serving, the people they swore to serve, us.
We should all vote for a man or a woman, not a party. No consideration seems to be given to the person who is going to represent us, all anyone seems to care about is are they are a conservative or a liberal. If we were to forget parties and toeing the party line, our representatives could vote for what they think is right for us and the country, not what the party says they must vote for. A Coalition Party or a Common Sense Party. Forget the two party system, how about a one party system - the Peoples Party.
Do you think Obama will be able to correct 8 years of Bush excesses? Eight years of greed, criminals and thievery. I am beginning to doubt it. Things may be too far gone.
There is too much hate and hostility, if every representative was his own man or woman, it would delete a lot of the rivalry, opposition and resistance that take up all of their time now. Maybe they could devote some of their - excuse me OUR time - to their work. The work that WE pay them to do, which is to run the country efficiently for US. Instead of ruining the country for their own ends.
Anyone seen to be taking bribes should immediately be OUT. Right now lobbyists spend more than 1 million dollars a DAY on senators!!! Health Insurance Co's alone spend more than $1 million a DAY on lobbying for their companies. How can we compete with that? Obviously the Senators are going to represent the Health Insurance Companies, the Big Banks, Wall Street criminals etc, not us. They are going to go with the money - wouldn't you? Me to. Taking any money from anyone should be reason for immediate dismissal from working for us. Soon, we would have people there doing the job we put them there for and pay them for. People who want to do good. People like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and a few others who had the country in mind and not how much they could steal from us and their country.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

101 Cormorants?

Well I have seen the movie 101 Dalmatians, but when I looked out of the window early this morning I thought for a minute that someone was making a new movie! I didn't actually count them but there must have been around 100 Cormorants on The Lake, they were coming in and landing continuously. I watched for a while as they swam and dived and depleted MY fish stocks! Let me see now 100 Cormorants eating, what, at least several fish a day. That's hundreds of fish. Well at least I don't have to worry that the 4 fish I take every 2 or 3 days is going to hurt anything. And then when I came out of the shower they had almost all gone. Had I woken up a little later I would not have even known that the crowds had been here. They seem to come and go at different times of the day but I have not seen such a large number this year. Last year it seemed there was a steady population of about 50 but they seemed to stay here on The Lake continuously for several weeks. This year sometimes I see just 2 or 3 and them none and then 40 or 50. And then today's huge number.
The Great Blue Herons continue with a steady population of 2 or 3, at least that is all I am seeing. Last year there were more, some days I counted 8 or 10, but this year we seem to have a greatly reduced number. It is quite amazing how different the bird population is from year to year. Julia has been observing a small number of Osprey fishing The Lake, she will suddenly say, "Look, there goes another fish flying over," as an Osprey flies over with another fish firmly grasped in its talons - heading for its dining table.
Well it is time to go to work.