Sunday, March 28, 2010

101 Cormorants?

Well I have seen the movie 101 Dalmatians, but when I looked out of the window early this morning I thought for a minute that someone was making a new movie! I didn't actually count them but there must have been around 100 Cormorants on The Lake, they were coming in and landing continuously. I watched for a while as they swam and dived and depleted MY fish stocks! Let me see now 100 Cormorants eating, what, at least several fish a day. That's hundreds of fish. Well at least I don't have to worry that the 4 fish I take every 2 or 3 days is going to hurt anything. And then when I came out of the shower they had almost all gone. Had I woken up a little later I would not have even known that the crowds had been here. They seem to come and go at different times of the day but I have not seen such a large number this year. Last year it seemed there was a steady population of about 50 but they seemed to stay here on The Lake continuously for several weeks. This year sometimes I see just 2 or 3 and them none and then 40 or 50. And then today's huge number.
The Great Blue Herons continue with a steady population of 2 or 3, at least that is all I am seeing. Last year there were more, some days I counted 8 or 10, but this year we seem to have a greatly reduced number. It is quite amazing how different the bird population is from year to year. Julia has been observing a small number of Osprey fishing The Lake, she will suddenly say, "Look, there goes another fish flying over," as an Osprey flies over with another fish firmly grasped in its talons - heading for its dining table.
Well it is time to go to work.

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