Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Socialised Medicine"

I have to admit that do not understand the problem with "Socialised Medicine". With my present Health Insurance the Administration costs are 30%, if I am already sick I cannot get coverage, if I get sick I can be dropped. Whereas with "Socialised Medicine" if I have been sick I am covered, if I get sick I don't have to worry about getting dropped and I get treated. Oh yes and Administration costs are around 4%. Where is the problem? And by the way the National Health treatment costs in Europe and Canada are about half of what the US spends per person for treatment!

Now everyone knows that the US has the best, and the most expensive, health care in the world. (We spend more than twice as much per person as Europe does.) But at least we know that we have the best care and therefore the longest life expectancy, right? Whoops, on a list of the 50 countries with the longest life expectancy, we are . . . . . 50th!! How can that be? I don't know, but at least we are slightly better in the infant mortality rate . . . 33rd out of 50, below Slovenia, way below Cuba and of course below all the European countries - who all have the "Socialised Health Care" that we don't want anything to do with here under any circumstances! Why not? Apparently if we used their system we could expect to live longer healthier lives, at a cost of half of what we now pay! I guess we just don't want those Big Health Executives and their Big Health Businesses to lose their billions of dollars in profits.