Monday, October 22, 2012

Yum Yum!

You would not put pesticides or insecticides, herbicides or weedkillers, fertilizers or chemicals on your childs plate, or your own for that matter - would you?

I thought you would say that. But you do!!!

Let me explain that. If you put weedkillers, insectkillers, fertilizers and chemicals onto your lawn or garden this is what happens to them. When it rains those poisons are washed into the roads and gutters, and from there into storm drains and then streams and rivers and finally the Bay and the Oceans where they are taken up by the fish and crabs, which are caught, sold to stores, supermarkets and canneries where you buy them and put them onto your and your childs plates.

So you see you DO put those weedkillers, pesticides, chemicals - which includes the bleach and other chemical cleaners that go down your toilet and sinks and bathtubs - right back onto your plates!!

Yum Yum! Enjoy.

Foreign Policy Stuff.

Mitt The Twitt as a representative of the US. Romney is probably the least diplomatic politician in America.

During a one week tour in Europe he managed to insult at least three countries including our biggest ally, the UK. He continued on to insult Israel and the Palestinians. Oh and don't forget his own wife when he said that he would not be watching her horse competing in the Olympics. In fact he said he didn't even know when it would be.

Then he told Iran to launch a dirty bomb at the US, specifically Chicago I think it was.

Let's see, what else was there from this great diplomat? Oh yes, "Russia is our number one enemy." And then he insulted Spain saying we don't want to go down the same road as Spain, when they actually have a lower debt rate than the US! And they have a Conservative government!

Oh yes and while I'm onto who he has insulted let's not forget 47% of the American public!

This man is scary in the extreme. If he can't even meet our allies without insulting them what will happen when he gets out there with countries who are not as friendly? We could be embroiled in more wars than Bush got us into, and with 20 and 19 year old grandsons it is too frightening to think about. With the length of today's wars I will even need to worry about my 11 and 13 year old grandsons.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Will you be voting to give EVEN MORE money to Millionaires?

I won't of course, as I seem to be one of the few out there who don't think Millionaires deserve even more of our money, but many will!

My poor wife and I have already given very generously - and unwittingly as well as unwillingly - to Millionaires and Billionaires, not one of whom thanked us even a little bit. Ungrateful lot!

But many of you will be voting to give money to Millionaires. If you vote for Mr Romney for example (Or Mr Rob Me as I like to call him.) you will be doing just that. How, I can hear some saying. Well here's how - Mr Romney is in favor of Corporate Tax Breaks.

Please don't believe that hogwash about US tax rates for American corporations being the highest in the world, they are in fact the LOWEST in the world! That is from The Wall Street Journal. I think their wording was actually "- effectively the lowest in the world -" That is of course because their buddies in Congress would not allow corporations (Corporations are people too!) to pay a higher tax than anyone else in the world, so they have created loophole after loophole after deduction after deduction to ensure that it doesn't happen, and it hasn't happened, as the Wall Street Journal (that Liberal rag - not!) said, after all the deductions and loopholes available to American companies, their effective average tax rate is around 10%, or less.

Also Mr Rob Me believes in income tax loopholes - for the rich. And of course a low capital gains tax rate - and who benefits from those? That's right, the rich.

Income disparity is at the highest level since the Great Depression, wealth is concentrated as never before at the top with the top 1% of Americans having 50% of all of it's wealth!

Does that sound like we are waging war on the rich, as we keep hearing them whining? They, the 1% have already won that war. But they are complaining that we are bigoted against the wealthy!

Maybe the fact that 1% of Americans own 50% of it's wealth doesn't sink in.

To make it really easy to understand, look at it this way - there are 100 people. They order a large pizza. When it arrives it is cut into half, and half (50%), is given to ONE person. The other half (50%) is shared among the other 99 people! That is what it means. Is there any way you can say that is fair?

The wealthy are paying the LOWEST tax rate in over 60 years. AND they pay the LOWEST tax rate of any other civilized country in the entire world! Does that sound like "The Unctious Impoverishing Bigotry of Class Warfare." as one writer said on last week?

Obama has suggested that the Bush era tax cuts be continued for people earning less than $250,000 a year and should be stopped for people earning more than that. They would STILL be paying a lower rate than most of us!!!

But no, most of us are going to vote to give The President of the United States, Warren Buffett, Mitt Romney and all the other people already more fortunate than any of us can ever expect to be, even more money!

I doubt that they even realize that it will cost THEM money to give this to these elite few! The Trillion dollars that it will cost to make the richest among us even richer will have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is from us - the 99%.

It will come in the form of HIGHER taxes for us and in the loss of "Entitlements", like Soc Sec, Medicare, disability and affordable health care. Which the rich have managed to make us feel bad about, by calling them "Entitlements", even though we have paid for them every week for 50 years.

Incidentally the rich did not pay their fair share for those "Entitlements", while we, the 99% pay 6.2% of our income into Soc Sec, someone who makes $1 million ayear only pays in .6% and someone who pulls in $10 million pays only .06%. That is because they only pay on the first $106,000 of their income. They pay NOTHING on the next million or 10 million or indeed 100 millon!

So as well as paying a lower tax rate than us, they get it even further reduced by another 6% or so by not paying payroll taxes on all of their earnings as we do!

No I am not jealous or bigoted, it's not classism, or socialism. It's just plain outrage at the rich asking for even more tax breaks, and Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Tea Partiers and Republicans falling over themselves to comply.