Friday, March 4, 2011

UNITED States Of America?

Are we still The United States Of America, or should we change that to The Divided States Of America?

On the radio today I heard that "Both parties claimed victory". Each party vilifies the other continuously, it matters not what one says the other has to say the opposite - even when the statement is obviously good for everyone. It seems to me that we are getting uncomfortably close to war between the Democrats and the Republicans. Even more close between the Liberals and the Conservatives!

Instead of a United front (as in UNITED States of America) we are getting more and more divided. Remember the old saying "United we stand, Divided we fall."? Whereas we have more in common than most countries, even though we are a mixture - which I think is one of our strengths - we are exaggerating our differences.

We have overcome our Racial Differences and our Religious Differences more than we have our Political Differences. Is that unbelievable?

We, the people, should be United against our politicians, after all they are United against us!

They agree that we are dumb (We MUST be to vote for them!) They use us as their personal piggy banks. They have figured out that they can "Fool all of the people, all of the time"! We can't even agree that they are raping us, keeping us divided for their own ends.

When the Wife of the President says our children (and ourselves) should eat better, how can anyone argue with that? Surely an innocuous statement, obviously only designed to help. After all, 50% of us are overweight - including our children. I see a statement like that to be designed to help. But instead half of the country is up in arms about it!

Turning on the TV the other day I caught the end of a program about food, unfortunately I only caught the end but the argument was that Artificial food is better than Organic food! I can only assume that some highly intelligent (Not), member of one of our parties had said that Organic food was better for you, and some equally highly intelligent member(Not) of the opposing party HAD to immediately state the opposite.

Why, oh why, can we not see that we should all be on the same side, we have enough enemies out there without making enemies of ourselves. Lets fight our real enemies, the enemies of Our Way of Life, of Democracy, of Capitalism and Freedom, Human Rights and Freedom of the Individual.

That's what I am saying!


What a strange phenomena is time. I got to thinking about it as we were watching the earthquake victims and their rescuers in Christchurch New Zealand. In particular as we looked at the ruins of the beautiful Christchurch Cathedral. We knew it was beautiful, because we were there, we had seen it, up close so to speak, we had been there and in there. What if we had been in there when that tragedy happened?

Then I got to thinking about the restaurant we had been in when in Egypt in 1990. Just a few months after we had dined there, some terrorists had gone into that very same restaurant with 'guns blazing' and killed - I forget now if it was dozens or hundreds of tourists. What if we had been there a few months later?

Well of course then I said to myself what other places had we been at the "Right Time", as opposed to the "Wrong Time" like those poor unfortunate people with "poor timing"?

The list was pretty long.

There was Tianaman Square in Beijing. We had been there talking with the students and the soldiers just the day before Martial Law was declared and "All hell broke loose"! Missed by one day.

The other places we have been at the "Right" time include London, Bonn, N.Y. and a host of places in England during the Second World War - and there were some VERY close calls for both me and my family then! It's a miracle that I am here.

And how long will that be? That I am here, comparatively speaking, not a long time at all, and possibly a very short time. We just never know, do we?

Make the most of your time here, 'cause you don't go around again!