Friday, March 26, 2010

Time for more unpopular stuff!

Back when Bill Clinton was our President he put forth the Deficit Reduction Bill, it gained NO Republican votes. But, it created 23 million jobs! And produced a balanced budget, the first in about a hundred years! (In fact it produced a surplus!!)

Now we have a new Health Care Bill, that will give health care to children with asthma, and leukaemia, and diabetes - Oh No! Now, if you get cancer, you can still get health insurance - Gasp! You can't be refused insurance because you are born with something wrong with you - Wow! If you get sick, you can't be dropped by by the Health Insurance Industry - What? How Un-American can you get? This is pure Socialism. This "ridiculous" bill gained NO Republican votes!

When John McCain was running for President he said "Country First", now he says after this 'awful bill' has been passed "No Co-operation Now". Does that sound to you like Country First? (Was there any co-operation before? I don't think so.)

I even hear that Texas is removing books from their schools that refer to Thomas Jefferson - apparently he backed separation of Church and State. Sounds like Socialism or Communism to me - I don't think - but apparently the Texas school board thinks it does!

Oh, and when is Rush Limbaugh leaving? Didn't he say "If the new Health Bill passes I'll leave the country."? (That could have got the extra swing votes to pass it!!!) It would have gained my vote anyway.

Taxes, all these extra taxes that I keep hearing about, I checked it out and it seems that 95% of Americans are paying LESS taxes than when Obama took office. The 5%who are paying more are the 5% of Americans who make over $250,000 a year. And that is only because the 1.3 Trillion dollar tax cut that Bush gave to the rich was allowed to run out. Now, when you cut 1.3 Trillion dollars in taxes to a group of people, correct me if I am wrong, but that money has to come from someone else, and the only someone else that I can see is everyone else. That would be the poor and the middle class. (you and me - I WAS middle class, now I am poor) And the way I saw it happen was to take away our savings (bank and wall street crashes) take away our home equity (housing crash) raise interest rates on credit cards etc and lower interest rates on savings (If you had any savings left) We lost a lifetime of savings over the last 5 years - around $800,000 - and the few hundred that we somehow managed to hide from the thieving banks and wall street criminals is drawing the princely sum of 1/10th of 1% interest. (Yes that's right one tenth of one percent) The way I see it, they havn't finished yet, they still see a few crumbs left and wont' be satisfied until they wrest every last nickel from us. To do that they have to get rid of the one guy who is standing in their way, or trying to. He won a round, they are not used to that. Now it is 'crosshairs' everywhere, even more invective vituperative talk, cursing, calls to arms and violence. The media is not helping, they bring every animosity and difference to the forefront, whipping up differences where ever they can. Soon our differences, that used to be comparatively minor - we were all the same country - and were better than every one else, and were proud to show every one else how it was done, may be our undoing. Minor differences, in lifestyle, and religion, were exagerated out of all recognition in other countries, such as Africa, by governments and media and resulted in revolutions, slaughters, genocides and purges. If we don't get the media's and political "parties", out of control, grip on us, I am afraid we may see these terrible things happen here. Hard as it is to believe, it could happen. Even a couple of years ago I could not imagine what is happening now, occuring here. It is frightening.