Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Department of Counter Intelligence has been overwhelmed, or taken over by, the Department of Counter Stupidity.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Is it just me or . . .

. . . . are we crazy? A man gets on a plane bound for the US : -
He is on our list of terrorists, - red flag
he pays cash for his ticket, red flag
he buys a one way ticket, red flag
he has no luggage, red flag
he has no coat, (Going to Detroit in winter!) red flag
But, he is allowed on the plane!
Why do we have a TSA - Transport Security Administration? ANYONE could have said there is something wrong here. These people are supposedly trained to be looking for these things, just one of those should have raised a red flag and warranted a closer look.
Any one of those red flags that I raised should prompt anyone to say, politely, "Please step this way sir/ma'am." They would them politely, and firmly, be searched as necessary. From metal detectors and x-rays to drug and explosive detectors to pat downs and strip search. Start with the first less invasive searches and work your way up if necessary. If a search is refused, fine, you don't get on the plane.
It is unbelievable that it could happen, even with the terrorist, it seems to me, trying to be caught. Either that or he is the most idiotic, stupid person in the world. (But apparently not as stupid as all the TSA employees.) The only other thing he could have done to try to be caught would have been to say "I am a terrorist, I have a bomb, I am going to blow up this plane." Which it seems to me is pretty much what he did say. He must have been frustrated and amazed that no one tried to stop him.
I don't know what else to say, except that I am disgusted. Now they know they can get on any plane or go anywhere else they want at any time, as easy as walking into a 7-11 store and buying a gallon of milk.
And now I find out that the CIA knew a Nigerian was training in Yemen as a suicide bomber, and they even knew his name! What worries me now is if we can't find someone who leaves many, many clues what happens when we get a bomber who is fairly smart and doesn't leave a trail big enough for an idiot to follow? We would have absolutely no chance at all of catching him. We can't catch someone who we have been warned about repeatedly. I really think if we had been sent a letter naming him, giving his photo and telling us the airline and flight number, we still wouldn't have got him!!!! I'm serious. We almost had all that. Intelligence? It is scary to say the least!!!