Saturday, June 27, 2009

An evening on the deck by The Lake.

Our friends Bob and Ann came to dinner last night. A rare treat. They brought a bottle of red wine made from organically grown grapes which we drank with dinner on our new deck. They seemed to be suitably impressed with the deck, who wouldn't be, it is big and new, sporting a table and chairs shaded with a big green umbrella, surrounded with cushioned easy chairs and overlooking a Lake that is without a doubt the most beautiful in Anne Arundel County. In addition there is shade from some lovely evergreen trees and a view of a different sunset every night of the year. Last night produced another good sundown. The two trio's of Goslings put in an appearance, a flotilla of our fine feathered friends, visiting briefly along with their parents. They came late and we had hoped for a longer stay - maybe even one of their frequent forays up onto our lawn for one of the Lake Treats where they tend our lawn as they lovingly remove the weeds and graze the more delicious stalks. It is a picture indeed and much better than me having to push the noisy mower around. While "mowing" they also fertilize. But this was to be a short visit, a 'sail by' as it were, as the two flotilla's appeared on the horizon, came fairly close and then disappeared while we were distracted with something else - maybe it was the blueberry pie, ice cream and whipped cream - or maybe I was distracted by the two beautiful women.
But the sun went down, the mosquito's came out, and found us, and we were forced to retreat to the cool interior where we continued our visit until it was time for the inevitable parting. They roared off in their bright red Mustang, Ann's blonde hair flying in the wind and Bob's grey hair doing the same.
We went in to finish the wine, but it was all gone. After a few minutes of checking the "news" we decided to have an early night.