Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here's a thought.

The Book of Life doesn't have the answers in the back! (I know, I've tried looking.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

What makes me happy.

When I thought that I'd write this, I thought that the list would be short, but then I got to thinking and the list just kept growing - exponentially! Most of the things are little things, often tiny things, some are big - but then again I thought, well maybe not so big, big - in fact huge - to me but not so much to other people. This is the sort of list that I think could be added to daily. The items vary from things that happen daily to things that happened once in my life and I still get pleasure thinking about them now years later. Let's get started.
Number one on this list and any of my lists is my wife Julia, her smile and her face, if all the other things on the list were gone I'd still be happy with those two. Then we have the rest, big and small in no particular order, books - anything by Ken Follet, especially "Pillars of the Earth", "Sarum" or any other book by Rutherford and a host of other authors that I enjoy. The Lake with its Birds and Sunsets is a constant source of joy. The Birth of my daughter Sarah, her smile, her success and her sons, (big one there). When I make bread and it turns out good. Some Classical music, such as The Planets, The Bolero, (makes me think of Bo Derek, thats good too), Beethoven, The Beetles, Frank Sinatra, Sunflowers, Cezanne pictures, sunny days, seeds coming up that I planted, eating my home grown vegetables, seeing beautiful girls, talking to beautiful girls, playing cards, winning at cards, losing at cards, (because someone else wins and I like that too), friends, a good beer - just one, talking to Mum & Dad and my sister Mary and my Favorite-brother-in-law Tony, Chesapeake Bay Crabs, caught-by-me fish, London, travelling, Texas, butter, a birds nest, a nice hot shower, a cruise, meeting Julia in 1962, making a sale, a good cup of coffee - especially the first one of the day, hey there are probably a million of them, I'm a lot happier person than I realized I was!
What makes you happy? Tell me, just click on 'comments' and g o . . .