Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Illegal Immigrants" on The Lake.

This morning about a dozen "Illegal Immigrants" landed on The Lake. I was sitting watching the peaceful scene, with the wonderful colors of another beautiful sunrise spreading across the gently rippled surface of The Lake. A group of about 15 Canada Geese were ambling around close to the water and nibbling on the green grass of our neighbor's lawn. All of a sudden there they were, 10 "Illegals", crashing noisily onto the surface of The Lake, disturbing its smooth surface and honking loudly. The geese that had been peacefully dining a moment earlier suddenly changed their slow walking to aggressive strutting, wagging their heads up and down and letting out loud whoops. All hell was breaking loose out in our Peaceable Kingdom. Another group of Canada Geese had landed in the water close to the first group. It was impossible to tell if the "natives" were upset at the arrival of the "illegals" or were welcoming them! Anyway after a while the commotion died down and peace and quiet returned to The Lake.
Meanwhile, up at the Humming bird feeder, things were heating up. Two Hummers - no, not the GM version - the avian kind - like to feed here, but not together, one will be feeding quietly all alone, (No sign of a humm, so I don't know where they get that name from. But I wouldn't mind betting that John Wisniewski knows.) when Hummer number two arrives and a fierce, high speed fight ensues. At least we assume it is a fight, they both fly off, doing battle? Soon one returns. We have never seen them feed together.
The huge Great Blue Herons appear from time to time - they MUST have been Pteradactyls in a previous life - and soar majestically up and then down until their 6 foot wings almost touch the water. We never cease to be amazed at the gracefull sight of these wonderful birds.