Friday, November 5, 2010


This was not intended to be a Political Blog, but unfortunately I seem to have drifted into it. I promise to go back to my old posts that did not offend anyone, soon. I can only blame my change on the dreadful campaigns that we have lived through recently.
Meanwhile, for some reason I decided to check out John Boehner - who has never been one of my favorites - here are a few scary truths about John.
Maybe you like him? You certainly do if you are a Wall Street Banker, or a Tobacco Baron, or a Health Insurance Company, or a Coal Mining Company, or almost any other Fat-Cat-Big-Businessman.
Lets go back to 1955 when the House was all set to get rid of those ridiculous Tobacco subsidies. Makes sense right? Why subsidize a drug that causes cancer? Then, here comes John (Man of the people, helper of ordinary Americans) with lots of big checks from Tobacco Lobbyists which he handed out to his fellow Representatives who promptly changed their minds. The subsidy remained.
Am I wrong or is Lobbying way out of control? I suppose it's pretty much like all of America - if you have enough money you can buy anything (Or anyone!)
The Republicans are back and so is the "For Sale sign" on Congress.
John Boehner took money from the Health Ins Co's and then he voted to deny coverage to sick children, and to the people who rushed in to help on 9/11 exposing themselves to lots of nasty toxic stuff. He took money from defense contractors and voted for every war. He tirelessly helps the OVERDOGS, takes their money and flys to the Islands on their private jets. It's the 'American Way' folks, and John Boehner knows how to make it His Way, with Your Money.
He vows to stand up for "The Ordinary American" against the Rich and to Cut the Deficit. Guess what his first priority is to Help the Ordinary American it is to fight to keep the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest Americans (That's the richest 2% - does that include you? No, I didn't think so, me neither, but if we were, he'd be in there fighting for us!) That alone will cost us 2 to 3 Trillion Dollars over the next 10 years. What happened to serving the Ordinary Americans? What do The Ordinary Americans get from John Boehner? They get the bill for a 3 TRILLION dollar tax cut to the richest 2% of Americans - and of course along with that 3 Trillion more on the deficit, that he promised to cut! Could it be he is working for himself in some way do you think? Could he be collecting from the rich people he is serving? After all they pay his campaign expenses and send him on those expensive trips. Not you and me! Who would you expect him to help? Quick - you and me or the Fat-Cat-Big-Businessman with lots of cash that he wants to give him. That's what I think too. When it's campaign time he says one thing, but the day he get in its all different.
But it's not just John Boehner it is the Republicans, it is they who Pillage America and Redistribute it's wealth to - The Rich!
Of course The Democrats are not that much better - just slightly. They do at least try to help the poor and middle class while they rob us. The Republicans don't even do that.
When the Democrats make their feeble efforts to help us (The only country in the civilized world that doesn't have a health care system for all of its people)the Extreme right rush in with their stories of planned 'Death Panels' that will kill off the old, sick and disabled?
And so it goes, they, The Republicans, are much better organized when it comes to attacking and lying, so they make inroads where they really shouldn't. The Democrats stand around like a bunch of sheep while the wolves attack them.
Enough of John Boehner. I would really like to have a go at the Tea Parties Glen Beck. They, the Tea Partiers, must be even stupider than the Democrats. Glen Beck - I assume they have not checked back into his past. Ten years ago he was a DJ on morning radio, drunk most of the time and on drugs. One morning he called, on the radio, the wife of another radio show host - a competitor - who had just had a miscarriage, and taunted her, on the air. He has called for someone to shoot Michael Moore and poison Nancy Pelosi. He thinks anything that the Government does to help ordinary Americans is Socialism or Communism (I wonder if that includes free schooling) On his Fox "News" program he likes to tell us that Hyperinflation is coming and that we should buy gold. But it has to be gold coins, because "Obama is going to Nationalize gold bullion." Guess who sponsors his program? Goldline, a company that sells - you guessed it - gold coins! A quick story here about Goldline - they are being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, because they sold an old woman about a hundred thousand dollars worth of gold - for $230,000. He epitomises Republicans in my mind, pose as the champion of the Ordinary American, while ripping him off. If the Tea Party wants a man like that as their leader, well they are getting what they deserve.