Friday, March 4, 2011


What a strange phenomena is time. I got to thinking about it as we were watching the earthquake victims and their rescuers in Christchurch New Zealand. In particular as we looked at the ruins of the beautiful Christchurch Cathedral. We knew it was beautiful, because we were there, we had seen it, up close so to speak, we had been there and in there. What if we had been in there when that tragedy happened?

Then I got to thinking about the restaurant we had been in when in Egypt in 1990. Just a few months after we had dined there, some terrorists had gone into that very same restaurant with 'guns blazing' and killed - I forget now if it was dozens or hundreds of tourists. What if we had been there a few months later?

Well of course then I said to myself what other places had we been at the "Right Time", as opposed to the "Wrong Time" like those poor unfortunate people with "poor timing"?

The list was pretty long.

There was Tianaman Square in Beijing. We had been there talking with the students and the soldiers just the day before Martial Law was declared and "All hell broke loose"! Missed by one day.

The other places we have been at the "Right" time include London, Bonn, N.Y. and a host of places in England during the Second World War - and there were some VERY close calls for both me and my family then! It's a miracle that I am here.

And how long will that be? That I am here, comparatively speaking, not a long time at all, and possibly a very short time. We just never know, do we?

Make the most of your time here, 'cause you don't go around again!

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