Monday, October 22, 2012

Yum Yum!

You would not put pesticides or insecticides, herbicides or weedkillers, fertilizers or chemicals on your childs plate, or your own for that matter - would you?

I thought you would say that. But you do!!!

Let me explain that. If you put weedkillers, insectkillers, fertilizers and chemicals onto your lawn or garden this is what happens to them. When it rains those poisons are washed into the roads and gutters, and from there into storm drains and then streams and rivers and finally the Bay and the Oceans where they are taken up by the fish and crabs, which are caught, sold to stores, supermarkets and canneries where you buy them and put them onto your and your childs plates.

So you see you DO put those weedkillers, pesticides, chemicals - which includes the bleach and other chemical cleaners that go down your toilet and sinks and bathtubs - right back onto your plates!!

Yum Yum! Enjoy.

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