Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A self made man.

That is how I just saw Mitt Romney described!!
Consider, when he was born it was no doubt in a hospital with the very best health care that money can buy.
He came into a world of wealth and privilege, just like everyone else, right? No advantage over the average person? NOT!
He lived in an area that was average, with average neigbors. NOT.
Of course he went to your average school and your average University where he met avarage people, just like you and I did. NOT.
He didn't have to worry about paying for his education or getting and working jobs to pay for it. By the time he finished his schooling he had met more people that would help him through his "self made" career than 100 average people had met, or would meet, in their whole lives.
Calling him "Self Made" is insane.
My Grandson would love to have just a tenth of the help that Mitt had. Bradley is working three jobs and going to college, And that is with his parents, grandparents and great grandparents helping him. He has been saving up his pocket money and baby sitting money and Birthday and Christmas money for some 10 years - he is 19 - just like Mitt doubtless did. NOT.
Calling someone who started off near the top and made it to the top is not the story of a self made man.
In fact with the kind of help that he had how could he possibly fail?

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