Monday, October 8, 2012

Take our country back.

The Republican war cry. But just where is they are going to take us back to? How far back? To a time when women and blacks could not vote or own property or speak up? Back to when no one paid taxes and the wealthy owned slaves? When we had dirt roads, worked dusk to dawn seven days a week, had no unions, no rights, no Social Security, no formal education?
That seems to me what they would like AND what they are working towards.
Obama is fighting for fairness for everyone. Rob me is fighting for the rich. The Republicans want to Remove Obama - not help him save America. They want to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act - not improve it.
They want to put God into Government, which our forefathers specifically wanted to keep separate. They want to make rape OK, send jobs abroad, trash our environment, eviscerate the EPA, Clean Air and Clean Water, and get rid of Soc Sec and Medicare.
I hope and pray that they fail - just like their hero Rush said about Obama when the people of the United Sates voted him to be their President. And the Republicans have tirelessly fought to bring Rush's words to fruition, even if it would mean destroying America, voting down eveything that would help our country and the economy. It is the Republicans who are sabotaging our recovery.
Just saying.

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