Monday, January 25, 2010

Global Warming is baaack!

Awoke this morning to a 60 degree reading on the thermometer affixed to the outside of our bedroom window! Of course it is also raining like crazy, I am seeing forecasts of coastal flooding, flooded roads etc, they say we could get 3" of rain this morning. The wind is howling, stuff is blowing all over, there are waves on the pond more than a foot high - which is almost unheard of, it is so sheltered. We were going to take grandson Bradley and his girlfriend Andy to the Natural History Museum in Washington DC today but they seem to be reluctant to go. Strange, the adventurous spirit must have been bred out of these modern day Americans. Julia, who can barely walk, and I are all ready to set off on another "adventure" but our children want to stay inside in the warm and dry. Oh well, such is life. Maybe I'll make some bread while they text and e-mail each other and their friends all over the country. Cars and gas are going to be things of the past soon. I predict brain implants that will make it unnecessary to leave our chairs, houses will shrink to the size of large armchairs, even TVs will not be needed, programs will be received by our implanted brain chip.
Anyway, I don't think we are going to DC today.

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