Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's a thought - if the government can spend it's way out of the current economic problem, can we? To follow in the footsteps of what the Govt is doing all we have to do is get a bunch of credit cards and spend spend spend, once we have spent enough we should be OK again, right?
No, I didn't think so.

It seems to me that "Money" is actually WORK, the only way that money is created is by someone doing work. This means that it is the working man who creates the wealth of a country. In a small society, most would work, it would be necessary to have a few doing certain things that the workers couldn't do, such as keeping the books, organising things, watching etc. A long time ago those duties were probably done by the people who were too old or infirm to do anything else. The workers supported them, by donating a small portion of their earnings. It worked. But as we "progressed" more and more people wanted to be supported by the others and not do "work". This is where things started to go wrong, we have too many people supervising, too many people doing nothing to create wealth - just taking it from the others - such as lawyers, bankers, stockbrokers, etc, they don't make anything, like bakers, toolmakers, farmers, manufacturers, etc. They just take, it will work up to a point, but when too many are just taking from the ones who are working and not actually doing any WORK themselves and creating wealth, at some point it becomes unsustainable. Just my my poor opinion.

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