Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Narrow Escape.

Or if you prefer "A Near Miss." Julia and I visited dear friends Judy & Charlie yesterday. We had a delicious Chinese meal, a most enjoyable visit, and once again they graciously allowed me to win at cards. When we left, laden down with 'goodies' for the chickens and some of Charlie's DVD's for us to watch, we headed out into the dark night - the clocks went back an hour two nights ago - and only about a half mile from their Condo the road went into some dense woods. We were barely into the woods when we saw a shadow flash across the road some distance in front of us. A deer we both said in unison. Slow down said Julia. I did and about 5 seconds later another deer leapt across in front of us, as I said, only missing us by inches (Julia said "No, it was only by centimeters") Whatever, it was close! I could not help thinking that had I not slowed, and it was not by much as I had only just removed my foot from the accelerator a few seconds before, we would have been 5 or 10 feet further along and the deer would have jumped right into the side of our car. It was a narrow escape indeed. We don't realize how numerous the deer are around here. When we reached our own neighborhood and drove down Bayside Beach Road I instinctively slowed down again, remembering the stories about the large numbers of deer on that road. One neighbor even said she had hit or been hit by deer three times since moving here while driving on Bayside Beach Road.

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