Sunday, December 6, 2009

Follow up on the snow.

Well, although it snowed solidly from noon until 6.30pm, when we left to head over to Severna Park, there was no snow at all around our house. I am serious, it was just wet, even though the temperature had dropped to 38 degrees. No snow had laid at all. So off we went and after about 3 miles of driving through heavy snow we started to see a few places where it was starting to lay. By the time we had gone another 2 or 3 miles the snow was 1" to 2" deep! It continued to snow heavily with huge flakes hitting the windshield and covering areas of 6" diameter - with one flake! By the time we reached our destination I was begining to wish we had brought our PJ's as there was a solid 2" of snow over everything. Anyway we had a nice evening of eating the best Guacomali Dip ever and other snacks consisting of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, nuts and cheese, a great beer and chocolates. We exchanged Christmas gifts and played cards. It was the women's day today with Jane winning one game and Julia winning the other. The guys lost both games, one badly and the other resoundingly!
Soon it was time to leave and we ventured outside with trepidation, hoping not to find a skating rink. But all was well, the snow had stopped, everything was well covered with a blanket of snow, until we reached Fort Smallwood Rd, which is about 3 or 4 miles from our house and where we found only small patches of snow. On Bayside Beach Road, it was hard to find even a scrap of snow and by the time we got home there was once again no sign at all of any snow. Not even a fleck, nothing but wet ground.
This morning, our thermometer told us that it had gone down to 33 degrees last night. When I ventured out into the cold to get my Sunday paper there was definitely no sign of any snow. Amazing.

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