Friday, April 1, 2011

Six Osprey.

What's that you say? Six Osprey? Yes, six, can you imagine. I looked out at The Lake yesterday morning and there they were, six of them, hovering - you know, the way they do, and swooping and diving into The Lake, all in the vicinity of Sunset Cottage. I could hardly believe my eyes. Fortunately they were not successful with every dive!

What with the three Great Blue Herons that I could also see from the vantage point in my living room, by the fire, and the Cormorants dotted about The lake I was wondering if we would ever have another home caught fish dinner! There just seems to be too much competition out there for the few remaining fish for me to succeed in "bringing home the bacon" in the form of a fish dinner.

Well, to heck with the fish dinner, lets just enjoy the birds.

Speaking of birds, the Canada Geese are still here, we should have a great lawn this year - if Goose poop is good lawn fertilizer!

The two Swans are much in evidence, with the male Swan going Ape sh*t every time he sees another bird that could imperil his offspring. That is, his offspring in the form of egg(s) being patiently sat on by his beautiful mate while she is perched on the top of a mountain of a nest. Unfortunately, as we know, they will never be born, the eggs having been oiled again. Baby Swans would be a delight to see but I think we can understand the danger that they would all be to the ecology of The Bay and The Lake in particular. As aggressive as this one pair of Swans are I cannot imagine if there were several pairs of them here. They would undoubtedly drive all the other birds off. They eat and destroy, by tearing up large quantities of The Bay's grasses too, which The Bay can ill afford, as most of it's grasses have already disappeared.

As most of you know, my own theory about the disappearance of The Bay's grasses is that they have succumbed to the onslaught of the hundreds or thousands of tons of weed killers that are poured onto the lawns surrounding our Bay. These lawns, in my humble opinion, especially the ones directly on The Bay front should be banned from having weedkillers or fertilizers of any kind being put onto them. They might as well pour it directly into The Bay. And of course, possibly not quite as bad, but almost so, are the weedkillers spread onto the lawns, gardens and roadsides all over the six State area that drains into the Chesapeake Bay.

When a National Treasure like The Chesapeake Bay is plundered day after day by so many rapists, with no restraints put on them, it is sickening. I compare it to pouring poisons and acids onto The American Constitution or The Mona Lisa. The Chesapeake Bay is even more irreplaceable than those treasures, but we act as though it were a bank with inexhaustible funds that we can withdraw at will.

If only we would stop raping her she could repair herself. Surely it would be cheaper to leave the Oysters, the Menhaden and the other natural cleaners to do their jobs and clean up The Bay, rather than for us to have to live on the shores of the World's Largest Cess pool?

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