Monday, September 19, 2011

Profit over patients.

The American health INDUSTRY continues to put their Profits above the interests of Patients. You will no doubt have noticed that I put Health INDUSTRY, as opposed to what every other civilized country in the world calls their Health SERVICE.

That is because that is exactly what the American Health INDUSTRY is - an INDUSTRY, interested in nothing except their profits. That is why the cost of health care in this country is at least double that of every other country in the world - bar none. In fact some countries health care is even less than half the cost of ours, even as much as one quarter as much. AND as good, or better. Don't believe it when the Health INDUSTRY here tells you the health care in this country costs more because it is better, That is simply not true.

It is no more true than statements like, "We have to best road system" - not true, as anyone who has been to Europe, the UK or even Croatia can tell you! "We have the best Financial system." Really, really long, long pause here while I laugh!!! We may have the richest Bankers and Wall Steet types, because they have stolen so much from us that everyone except them is now poor. "Best cars"? Once maybe, but not anymore - drive a Japanese car and see. "Best drugs"? Have you read the reports lately about the drugs that do nothing, but have to be put out there so that the drug companies can "Recover their costs". How many drugs have you read about that have had to be recalled? Or the manufacturers are being sued, because they not only did not help, they damaged and even killed people?

Well guess what - that is what the Health INDUSTRY is doing, killing us, for profit. Stents are being put into thousands of people. Some reports say that there are ten times too many put in, some say a hundred times too many! Multiply that by 10 and a 100 different operations and treatments and you get the idea that the only thing the health INDUSTRY is interested in is PROFIT, at our expense. Almost every treatment used is way over used. We are operated on because they can collect money for it, not because it will help US - because it will help THEM.

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