Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are still paying subsidies to the oil and gas industries. In 2011 they made PROFITS of $137 BILLION - more than 1 1/2 times the cuts that we have to make to our teachers, our government employees, our schools, and hundreds or thousands of programs affecting millions of people.

So we can cut help to our poorest, hurt our workers, but we cannot touch huge subsidies to huge companies that make BILLlONS in profits.

We cannot touch people who make obscene amounts of money, but we can cut 20% off of the paychecks of people who work to keep the country afloat and those who manage the workings of the country. That is fine, but do not touch the three million people who make more than a million dollars a year - and pay tax at a rate of half or less than half of what the average American pays!

And you can be sure that Congress will not be losing 20% of their income.

One percent of Americans are millionaires, but 44% of congressmen are millionaires.

Just saying.

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